“Compare” (com.pa.ri) is an old friend – a godparent, cousin, brother, comrade – a term of endearment amongst close friends in our native Southern Italy.

If McLaren Vale had a Compare it would be Shiraz. A friendly vino to be enjoyed amongst mates, shared over a hearty meal and given to those we love and respect.

2016 was almost a perfect year for everything due to late winter and early spring rains with constant flowering and set right across all varieties which set the foundation for an excellent ripening period and harvest. We experienced some late summer rains which slowed down the ripening process pushing the harvest back into late summer and the temperatures overall were mild and consistent for a ‘berry developing year’ rather than a ‘vine stress year’ right up to harvest.

Our Compare’s Shiraz is vinified in open fermenters and matured in old oak barrels, displaying intense aromas and flavours of Amarillo cherry, cut herbs – amaro, that punchy in fruit character but balanced with vibrant acidity and strong ripe tannins.

We’ve purposely selected Shiraz for our initial Compare to make a wine that resembles what we drank at the kitchen table with our meal as youngsters with the family. It’s soft and fragrant and juicy but not heavy or over powering. Just as well as being kids we still had evening chores do!

So here is a wine we believe lifts every occasion and family gathering and is as much about the variety as it is the viticulture and winemaking. Shiraz is synonymous with McLaren Vale and that’s why we have Shiraz in our vineyard at Sellick Hill located at the southern end of McLaren Vale along the coast line of the Gulf of St Vincent.

The Specs: Alc 14.5 Ta 5.89 Ph 3.79

Contains Minimal Sulphites


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