Vigna Bottin has been growing Sangiovese for nearly two decades. It is one of northern Italy’s noblest varieties and hails from central Italy, most famously Chianti, Tuscany’s iconic wine. We love it as it has proven to be well suited to the warm, maritime climate of the McLaren Vale region as the red fruit flavours have freshness about them with good strong ripe tannins and vibrant acidity which are the key indicators of the variety.

2015 growing season produced stunning fruit which was some of our best at that time. Harvest was about normal, early March with no disease pressure producing fruit with deep colours and crisp fresh acidity which was noticeably higher than compared to previous years.

This needs a big glass or a vigorous decant to release all the aromas, unless you have time to watch this wine open up over a couple of days. This is all about dark fruits, potpourri, cured meats, savoury dark cherries, earthy beef stock notes in a glass with an undertone of blue fruits and garden herbs that pushes through when given time. The aromas are fine & elegant.

The flavours are rich and dark but taut due to the fine lacy ripe lingering tannins and elevated acidity that really keep this wine in check in its shape and structure. It keeps the palate really focused with lingering red and black notes that suggest plum, cherry, carob and chestnuts and feature an ongoing array of flavour sensation. It’s much of a house style which is true when trying wines from the south of Tuscany – bigger, richer, rounder, deeper tannin which is where this variety comes from.

The wine is complex, brooding and dry with a velvety lining running through your palate when tasting. Its long, juicy and controlled with just the right balance of fruit sweetness, tannin grip and elevated acidity that bring shape to the finish. It’s dry but juicy and beautifully controlled which is why we planted Sangiovese in our vineyard at Sellicks Hill located at the southern end of McLaren Vale along the coast line of the Gulf of St Vincent.
The Specs: Alc 14.4 ph 3.54 Ta 6.40

Contains Minimal Sulphites


Awards & Reviews
Just in case you’re needing an Italian red rather than white for dinner, the Vigna Bottin 2011 Sangiovese will do the right thing beside a dinner of slow braised ragu and pasta. – Tony Love, The Advertiser
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